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Buy your e-cigarettes e-liquids online from Nebula Vapor, We now have a website and an online vape store. We’ve got a nice selection of top quality vaping gear for you to buy, e-cigarettes and e-liquids. We carry starter kits, e-liquids, vaping accessories, vape mods and more. We are vapors and we care about the quality of the products we sell.

The Vape Store is being filled and will have many more e-cig products.  Please, let us know if we can help you find anything. Hang out in the Vape Blog and learn about vaping. You’ll find how to’s, educational information, important links and some personal messages from the owner. This is the place to send friends and family, co-workers or acquaintances who want to learn how to vape. Feel free to comment, we love comments.

Do you have any great tips or advice for new vapors? Vaping is changing lives every day! We hope you will join us in our search for healthier less harmful alternative to smoking cigarettes. We believe in customer service and we are glad to help you vape! Happy Vaping!

To learn how to vape or more about your e-cig gear, visit the Vape Blog.

1-404-798-1416  for concerns and questions. We offer delivery (delivery fee applies) in Nashville TN.


  1. Just wanted to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH for fixing my order last time and im hooked on the QUAD V VANILLA…everyone needs to try…thank you for the great product…

    • <3

  2. Excellent customer service, I appreciate what you do when there is an issue. Thanks

  3. Hi, Xi
    I just called and you told me to leave a comment, I like the stellar strawberry and I am trying to order the 120ml. I apprecia

  4. You provide amazing juices and excellent customer service! For anyone that hasn’t tried the following, should give them a try: Horror-Chata has an excellent deep/strong flavor, My favorite fruit flavors are Big Bang Berry, Alienated and Newton’s Apple! Chelle’s Cookie is like eating a sugar cookie right from the box!

  5. Need more Terminator!!!!

  6. Lately, product taste more chemical, can’t taste the flavor?…..:(

  7. OMG just got the Cherry and the manic melon in the mail…and just what I expected AMAZING love your eliquids they are really good quality…I’m completely satisfied every order and will continue to order these liquids. THANK YOU!

  8. Hey, I placed my order a couple of days ago and was wondering how long it takes to ship once the order is placed and was wondering how long does it normally take for an order to ship and will I be notified with or without a tracking number one it does ship?

    • We normally ship each day if the order is placed before 2pm and once we ship your order I send you your tracking number. We are a very small company though, I am running it alone and sometimes I fall behind or if there is an emergency it may take a day or so longer and I try and make up for the delay.
      Thank you.

  9. Really wanted the Fudge favor, and I liked the snickers Solstice why is it not for sale? Thank you for being there…:)

    • Fudge is back up on the site, and we dropped a free bottle of juice in your order for reminding us. :) The Solstice will be up soon, we’re just trying to figure out how to name it and describe it without infringing on copyrights. Thanks!

      • When will you have the strawberry in stoc

        • We are waiting to get the flavoring in – it should have been here already but this is the slowest flavor vendor that we use – as soon as we get that in we will have it back up on the website – shouldn’t be more than a week.

    • OOPS! I meant Solstice is NOW up for sale!

  10. spearmelon is amazzzzzzzzzzing!!!! I absolutely love it!!!

    • thank you[; I got the idea from a recipe, take fresh watermelon and shop it off into a salad and add fresh mint and feta cheese. yum

  11. I also made a order last friday and I can’t seem to track it, why is that? Also I can’t email you t says your email is full

  12. How long will the Chelle starter kid be available to purchase ?

  13. So no chelles peach until 2014?

    • Sorry for the confusion. I had put that note up back when we had run out, but had forgotten to take it down. We have plenty of Chelle’s Peach right now! :)

  14. when will you have the 1100 mAh eGo-C Twist (variable voltage) Battery or Starter Kits, back in stock in all the colors that are not available right now? been looking for 2 weeks to order some starter kits

    • Those are on clearance, and will not be stocked in the near future, due to inconsistent quality. We will be offering the option to turn the Vision Spinners into build-a-kits this week, and will be adding a lot more colors in that line of batteries very soon.

  15. When when you have more eco-friendly pass throughs?

    • It shouldn’t be much longer. We are looking for a factory with more consistent quality, and we are pretty sure that we have found a brand that we’ll be carrying soon. We just have to find out more details. The ones we are looking at are a better quality than the ones we’ve had in the past, so there will be a price increase, but we will post about it here on the blog and on our facebook page when we get some in.

  16. Heya! It seems that USPS servers are having problems tonite, and cannot calculate the shipping for us. We have set it to Flat Rate for now. You should be able to order or calculate costs now, but it may be slightly different when the USPS servers are back up/connected. Thanks for bringing this to out attention!

  17. i was crunching numbers and so i put in a product in the shopping cart, and when i wanted to see how much it was in full for tax and shipping, the shipping told me that it didn’t send to California…why is this?
    you sell products on a website, and you are clearly stationed in the US, why not ship out state wide?

  18. site looks great-question: do your siam mods tubes for evic fit the sid as well?

    • I don’t believe so. I drilled the rep about it to find out, and I THINK he eventually said no. They should fit the anyvape CVI, but I’m not 100% on that (the anyvape cvi tubes fit the eVic). Unfortunately, we are out of stock on most of the tubes. We should be stocked up again in a couple of weeks. :) Thanks for the feedback about the site!

      • Definitely just wondering was all. The silver one still looks great, but was looking for the gold one. Definitely purchase another one when gold is available xD. Thanks anyhow! BTW not sure who wrote on the shipping paper but yeah I’ve lived here in Louisiana for 3 years now. Not liking the humidity very much but nice place. Cheap living.

        • If I ever find some gold ones, I’ll be sure to let you know. The person who wrote the note is XI, the one who mixes our juice. She is a big fan of NOLA! :)

  19. Also I was wondering. I received my product and it doesn’t look like the picture; the gold color. It came as silver.

    • They are silver. The light kind of makes them prism, but, as far as I know, there are no gold ones that have been made. Sorry if it was confusing. I’ll get some better pics made of them tonight that might show the silver color better.

  20. I was wondering when are you guys going to incorporate the designs such as the Dargons onto the EGO-C Twists! I would love to buy those! I bought one of the Ego K-8 Style one and can’t wait till I receive it.

    • I have not seen them for sale yet, but when I do, I will definitely get some. We love the etched batteries, and I have also found myself wanting a twist with the same design. :) Thanks!

      • Definitely! Those designs are off the wall xD. Definitely looking forward to that. They have Vap skins but those are alright and don’t last as long as Etched designs ( permanent [;! )! Anyhow thanks for the reply! Looking forward to purchasing more.

  21. So glad you are enjoying it!!

  22. I bought one tonight as in the all pink minus the inhaler part is a purple it yall are so wonderful and pleasant to do business with… I deff will be letting all my family & friends no all about you and strangers to! thank yall so much forgiven me the push to stop.smoking and I for one will continue down a great path w/ a wonderful product I had bought from yall also look forward to doing more business real soon…. oh and the flavors are a HELL OF A TASTE LOVEEEEEEEE IT!!! people be nuts not wanting to buy from yall again yall are GREAT thanks a million =)

    Christy Locke
    e-mail address is:

  23. Thank you for your e-mail response last night.

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