Chelle’s Select E-liquids

E-liquids Chelle's SelectsNow available in the Vape Store, Chelle’s Select, a new line of e-liquids created by Chelle (AKA Biancamontgomery on ECF), an advanced vaper, with advanced taste buds, and years of experience testing and tasting flavors from around the world.

Chelle specializes in a well known peach e-liquid. Most of us have tried it and find it to be liquid gold. We couldn’t be happier she’s decided to share her natural mixing abilities with us and all vapers alike. Watch for Chelle’s newest tobacco flavor,  MyBacco, coming soon to the Vape Store. We hear it’s nom from a tobacco e-liquid lover.

Welcome to Nebula Vapor, Chelle!  We value your mixologist abilities and your dedication to e-cigarette and e-liquid education and information.

Chelle’s Select E-liquids Peach E-liquid SPie E-liquid MyBacco E-liquid