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E-cig Tank Tutorial

The tank is a beautiful invention. There are many different types of e-cig tanks; the atomizer/wick style Vivi Nova tank and the punch hole cartomizer tank are two of the most popular.  There are also the rebuildable types for more advanced vapers.

Here is a video about the Vivi Nova tank.  This video goes into great detail about the tank, from the bare basics to rebuilding the heads.  There is also information at the beginning about cleaning and disassembling and assembling this tank. Most of what you need to know about this tank is in this video, but please feel free to search youtube for other videos about it, because there are plenty of people talking about them.

Vivi Nova Cleaning and Rebuilding – PBusardo

This video talks about the cartomizer tanks.  Again, there are many videos on youtube about these tanks and cartomizers, different ways to use them, fill them, different types of them, etc., so if you are interested in these types of tanks and cartomizers, browse youtube for more videos produced by the awesome helpful vapers in the community who are sharing their wealth of knowledge about them.

How to fill a DCT Tank


E-cig Atomizer Tutorial

Atomizers are in every electronic cigarette on the market.  They are the part of the device that heats the liquid so that it turns to vapor.  They are inside of every tank,  clearomizer or  cartomizer.  Some atomizers are very simple and used strictly for dripping. Other atomizers are rebuildable and very complex, for experienced vapers.

Dripping is literally dripping drops of an e-liquid into an atomizer attached to an e-cigarette battery. When the switch or button on the battery is pressed, the atomizer will vaporize the e-liquid into an inhaled vapor. There is a bit of a learning curve to dripping, but many people love the pure flavor and nebulous amounts of vapor produced by dripping.

Just like with batteries, the part of the electronic cigarette that holds and vaporizes the e-liquid is very customizable and the road to discovering your perfect vape will likely take you on a path of trying several ways of vaporizing your flavorite (that was not a typo) juice.

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