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Vape Girl Our first review! This review comes from a well loved vapor known in the vaping community, her name is Jenee Fowler but we all know her as Vape Girl. This girl is one of the coolest vapers ever. Everyone at Nebula agrees, Vape Girl is awesome.

p.s. We LOVE the hats, Jenee!

Vape Girl Reviews Four Flavors From Nebula Vapors

justwaaaa is an awesome reviewer of e-liquids and loved by many. You can find more of justwaaaa’s e-liquid review videos on her YouTube profile. Thank you for the great review Justine!

 justwaaaa’s Nebula Vapor: Chelle’s Peach

This next review comes from Jason Austin otherwise known as VaporDuke. Jason is a fellow vaper who has reviewed some great gear and juices. To see more of VaporDuke reviews visit his YouTube profile by clicking on his name.

A Chelle’s Select MyBacco E-liquid Review from VaporDuke 

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Chelle’s Peach Xi’s Caramel Coma  Xi’s Shot in the Dark Xi’s Trilla Nilla

Advanced Vapor- Ok, OMG, yum. First impression of BigBang Berry. 10 out of 10.it tastes amazing. I can only imagine how good it’s gonna be after some steeping (if it makes it that long). Pamela Haynes thoughts on the new peppermint vape: First of all I GOT VAPE MAIL!!!! Woot!!!! Thank you Chelle!!

Wendy Monson- Ok, I let the Chelle’s Peach steep for 13 days. It hasn’t changed color at all! I couldn’t wait any longer. I been vaping it last night and this morning, and I pretty much agree with everything I’ve heard… it’s pure, fresh peach. There isn’t anything artificial, its REAL. And with that perfectly clear color, I have now dubbed it Chelle’s Pristine Peach! It’s fantastic!

Keyzygirl – Chelle’s Peach is not the fake candy peach you are used to. It actually has a fresh peach flavor,not overly sweet but just ripe! Its not overwhelming. Its crystal clear and has a nice crisp clean natural peach taste. If you like peach or you have been searching for a peach eliquid, this s a must try.  I had decided that because I love Chelle if I hated it I would just not say anything and leave it off the list, but its amazing and I had to have it in here. Clean,clear,crisp ripe peach. Chelle’s peach is a must try eliquid.

Meshaila Connors Chelle’s PeachAmazing 9/10 Stars: Hit it out of the park. First of all it smells amazing, it is as clear as water, you’re getting the flavor on the intake, a beautiful nice even throat hit, and you’re getting a very strong peach taste on the exhale as well with a hint of after taste. The peach is amazing, it tastes as good as it smells, it isn’t too sweet and you are left wanting another vape with might I add, amazing vapor production.

Chelle’s Strawberry Pie (SPie)- Extraordinary 10+/10: Ah. Vapegasm. Seriously amazing. The smells is like a fresh baked pie, again clear as water, again the flavor on the intake, another beautiful throat hit and an amazing exhale. It literally tastes like a pie and how you would eat it and by saying that I mean you are tasting the strawberry first, than the crust. Just like grandma used to make. Absolutely 100% flavourful. This juice will not last long at all I am absolutely IN LOVE with it. I highly suggest this to anyone who loves dessert vapes. YUM, YUM, YUM. I am having a vapemance with this juice.

Tobacco Fan- Just got my MyBacco! Thank you Chelle! Very good! On the inhale I get a light nutty tobacco and on the exhale I get the taste of Mary Jane candies(if ya’ll know those candies). Well Done Chelle, well done! ♥

Ja Catro’s review on MyBacco- So I vaped the MyBacco all day yesterday and this morning- listen- great job!
Anyone who is a tobacco aficionado will enjoy this one, and even if you’re hesitant about sticking a toe in the tobacco pool, you’ll like it- Nice complex mix of flavors- Kudos!

Dave Tedesco- Actually, I’m vaping the Nana & Cream from Nebula right now. Its really, really f***in good.

Dave Tedesco- I need to try the Kiwi Kiss and Apple Pi. So far that Nana & Cream is killing it.

Nebula Vapor- Dave Tedesco is a bright star!

Awesome New Customer- Thanks again! I’ll definitely order from you again. You saved my life this weekend (literally, was thinking about buying a pack of smokes to get through). Nice to have you so very close!

Stephen- I got a small bottle of Big Bang Berry last week from the owner, to try, and I was the first one to order when the new store opened!  The Big Bang Berry juice is light, fruity but not overbearing….. and it tastes clean. If you vape, you know what I mean. I also dig the Watermelon a lot and I ordered each of these again plus a few 5ml’s to try.

Mary- I am in love with Sour Watermelon. It is perfectly clear and the flavor is simple and lovely. Great watermelon taste with a hint of green like the smell of a garden. This juice could be my all day vape. Love it, can’t wait to try Xi’s other juices. Xi is a real professor among mixologists.

Ivy- I got a few new juices from Nebula Vapor yesterday and I wanted to give an extreme thumbs up to Venusian Vixens’ Vampire Vanilla. Everything I tried was very good, but this flavor is excellent! It is a thick, rich vanilla flavor, very highly recommended!! Yum, and thanks, Christi!!

Very COOL new customer from NC: I love your absolute zero ! Its refreshing and smooth ! Thank you Nebula Vapor!

Amy from Ohio – Big shout out to Nebula Vapor!
As a smoker of 35+ years, I am absolutely amazed at the immediate effectiveness of vaping, to break my cigarette habit. I’m just getting started, but on day one my urge to smoke was diminished, and I instinctively began washing walls and windows, to remove any smoke residue.
If it had not been for Trill and her vape team, I may have never found a way to quit smoking. (Effortlessly, I might add!) I ♥ you Nebula Vapor!

A California customer – I just received your product in the mail about 3 hours ago. I have been looking forward to putting this into my eGo Twist for the last 4 days and have been looking very much forward to trying it. I must say, I am in absolutely NO WAY disappointed! This is actually one of the best flavors I have ever purchased, and it feels like it was expertly mixed just for me. =).

A local customer – These ladies are amazing! Always super fast with delivery. Great prices on everything! I will order everything I need from them!!!

Jim Lins- The nebuanna has to be the best banana vape i have had to date. It doesn’t have that over sweet banana flavor, it is more on to a ripe banana, but there’s other good things going on, other flavors i cant figure out yet (they are good). what is cool about this complex flavor is you need to change the voltage to change the way the flavor comes out. This is an awesome juice…. Just do it