eGo Starter Kit

eGo Starter Kits, Learn To Vape, Electronic CigaretteeGo Starter Kits are available in our online Vape Store. When you’re ready to  try e-cigarette products, your best bet will be an eGo starter kit. Each kit is designed to help you every step of the way, from smoker to vaper, by being practical and affordable. eGo refers to the style of battery in most starter kits. The eGo style battery comes in different sizes, depending on the life of the battery, but has the same threading on top to use with most atomizers, clearomizers, tanks, etc. Your starter kit will come with everything you need to get started in most cases, though, for many, you will have to order your own juices, along with the gear.

This is an example of some of the starter kits we have here at Nebula Vapor:

eGo style E-cig Starter Kit 

1 x or 2 eGo style batteries

2 x  Clearomizers (or tanks)

1  x USB charger with cord
and/or 1 A/C USB wall adapter

*e-liquid sold separately.

Some of the kits come with juice included, such as the Blisspack and Chelle’s Select Starter Kit,  but some don’t, so don’t forget to order make sure you have some delicious e-liquids to try!

Visit the Vape Store to see our line of E-liquids. We carry Chelle’s Select,  Xi E-liquid, and Sampler Packs; many different e-juice flavors like fruits, desserts, candy and drink flavors.

You can also create your own starter kit by upgrading one of our eGo batteries. Choose a battery, then check the upgrade box. Your upgraded kit will include  2  clearomize​rs and a charger, and, if you upgrade it to a 2-battery starter kit, it will include an extra battery, as well.

To learn more about vaping with electronic cigarette products, visit our Vaping Blog.

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eGo Starter Kit Tutorial Video

This video is a tutorial how to for beginner vapers. Learn how to use your e-cig starter kit. Video created by Andrew and CJ from Vapor Trail show you how to use your new “ego style” electronic cigarette kit. This is a basic ego starter kit with a CE4 style clearomizer heating element. Vapor Trail is a  local vendor in Buffalo, NY. Stop by and see them if you’re in the area.

Vaping (using electronic cigarettes) VS Smoking

Vaping is healthier, because, instead of inhaling close to 4 thousand chemicals and tar, which are found in cigarettes, you are only inhaling nicotine, flavoring, and two other substances that are considered safe to inhale and ingest by the FDA. Your smoker’s cough will be the first thing you notice. It will probably disappear in a couple of weeks, and it just gets better from there. You can breathe easier.

Vaping does not release smoke into the air that may harm others around you, your friends, loved ones, or even strangers. Just vapor, no smoke.

Vaping is much cheaper than smoking, once you learn what type of gear and juice you like.

Vaping doesn’t stink. Your apartment or house, clothes, car, hair, breath and skin won’t have the cigarette smell. It is easier to clean everything if it doesn’t have tar on it. Vaping does not leave tar all over everything like cigarettes do, and does not leave lingering smoke in the air.

Vaping can be FUN! There are all types and colors and shapes of batteries, and many different ways to vape.

Vaping tastes better. There are literally millions of different flavors you can buy or make. And you get your taste buds and sense of smell back!

The risk of a house fire is dramatically decreased. You can even vape in bed.

Nobody can bum a smoke from you. :)

It’s waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cooler!!

Vaping Tips
-Keep yourself extra hydrated. Vaping can dehydrate the body more than usual, especially at first, so drink a lot of fluids, and keep chap-stick on hand in case you get chapped lips. This is normal, and should go away over time.

-Be aware of signs of over-nic’ing. Many of us have gotten too much nicotine in our systems, and it’s similar to having drank too much coffee. Pay attention to your body at the beginning, and just be aware if there are changes that are uncomfortable. If you spill juice on yourself or get a lot of it on your hands, wash it off as soon as possible. Nicotine absorbs through the skin, and you don’t want to be over-nic’d. That can make you jittery, give you a headache, or make you nauseous. If you feel this at any time when you are vaping, just set your vaporizer down for a while, and let your body get rid of the nicotine. If this happens often, you may want to lower your nicotine level in your juice.

Important Reminders:


-Don’t leave a battery charging while you sleep!

-Keep backup gear and juice, so you don’t run out of equipment

-If you smoke for a while when you are first vaping, don’t feel bad about yourself. Just keep vaping when you can, and eventually, you will probably be able to quit smoking and buying cigarettes.
Instructions and tips for eGo batteries and clearmizers/tanks

-First, charge your battery. If you have a regular eGo battery, charge it by screwing the top part of it into your charger, then plugging the other end of your charger into a USB charging port, whether it’s a wall charger that you bought from us, or one you have already, or one on your computer. Be careful that you have the threads lined up, and don’t try to force it. If you are unable to screw it completely onto the charger, try unscrewing it and lining up the threads, and trying to connect it again. It should go on smoothly. When the light on the charger turns green, your battery is fully charged, and you can unscrew it from the charger.

-If you have a passthrough battery, charging it is different. Unscrew the chrome part at the bottom of your battery, and insert the mini USB end of your charging cable. Then, insert the USB end of the cable into a USB charger. You may start vaping as soon as you attach your tank or clearomizer – you don’t have to wait for it to charge. As long as it is plugged in, it is charging, so, whenever you get up to leave the house, or just go outside or to another part of your house, your battery is charged and ready to vape for several hours.

-Next, fill your tank or clearomizer with juice. Unscrew the mouthpiece (drip tip), then pull it out. Set that to the side. The best way is to fill the tank while it is tilted to the side. Do not fill past the top part of the wick, and be careful not to get juice in the middle tube, which is the air hole. Once it is full, put the top back on tightly, and then, with a kleenex on the bottom part of the clearo, blow through it, to make sure none is in the airway. Over time, you will get better at filling these, and you won’t have to worry about clearing the airway as often. You may want to swirl the liquid and set it on its side for a few minutes to make sure the liquid has wicked fully.

-Attach your clearomizer or tank the same way you attached the charger, by screwing it onto the top of your battery. Take a few pulls through the clearomizer or tank before pushing the button on your battery, and then push the button and take a drag, just as you would with a cigarette, only a bit slower, and for a couple of seconds longer. You will feel the vapor in your mouth and lungs. If it has a dry or burnt taste, swirl the tank and give the liquid a little more time to soak into the wick.

-If you have two batteries, have one charging while you are vaping with the other one. That way, you will always have a battery ready.

-All clearos and tanks can be cleaned and re-used. You can replace the heads on some of them after a few uses, but for all of them, when you begin to less flavor and vapor, run the head and wick under hot water for several minutes, rinse the entire unit, including the mouthpiece, attach the mouthpiece and blow through it, then take it off, and turn the tank upside down and let it dry. Use your other tank while that is drying (approximately 24 hours). If you got the ViVi Nova, you can disassemble the entire unit and clean each part of it.

-All eGo batteries have automatic shutoff at about 15 seconds. This is a safety feature. To turn your eGo battery on or off, just click the button 5 times.

If you have any questions about how to use your equipment, please email us. We are here for you. There are also many youtube videos about the care and use and cleaning of vaping gear.