Nebula Vapor’s Inspiration Sale


One year ago on June 10, 2012, the inspiration for Nebula Vapor passed away.  She was a strong, loving woman who was there for us every step of the way, and had our backs our entire lives.  She was also a single parent, so when we celebrate Father’s Day, we celebrate her.  Because of her, we stopped smoking, and became huge fans of electronic cigarettes.  If she knew what we were doing now, she would be incredibly proud.

To celebrate her life, and to celebrate Father’s Day, we are having an e-liquid sale.  From now (June 11) until the end of Father’s Day, we will be upgrading every order of juice from the Xi E-Liquid line one size.  For example, if you buy a 5ml bottle, you will get a 10ml bottle, and on up.  That puts our 10ml bottles at $4.00 and our 30ml at $9.00.  If you order 30ml bottles, we will send  1 30ml and 1 10ml, which is basically a free $6.00 bottle of juice.

No coupon code needed, just buy one size lower than the size you want, and we will up-size it when we process and send it to you.  Whether it’s your all day vape that you want to stock up on, or whether you want to try new flavors, enjoy the sale.

We miss you, Nanny!

*This sale applies only to the Xi line of juice.  Sale runs from June 11, 2013 – June 15, 2013.