Kanger Evods?


We are happy to announce that we will be providing the Kanger Evod for sale!  We really like the name of them.  Say it a few times.  Evod.  Evod evod evod.  What does that even mean?  It sounds very alien, we think.  Was it supposed to be something like Evo D, and then got scrunched together?  If so, then what did Evo mean?  Or D?  We don’t know!  Maybe they’re evil aliens.  Evod?  How much should they cost?  Well, if they’re evil aliens, they should probably cost $6.66, right?  Eeevil Ods.  Oods?  Wait, no, different planet.

Anyway, it’s a cute name, and it’s a cute product.  But, best of all, it produces amazing amounts of flavor and vapor, with very few, if any, dry hits.  It’s kind of like the MT3’s little sister/brother thing.  Bottom coil clearomizer, fits on any eGo style battery, easy to fill, and plumes!  They’re also considered to be a greener vaping product, because the heads can be replaced, rather than having to dispose of the whole clearomizer.  Check the Kanger Evod out in our online e-cig store and give one a try!

Here’s a great video about them from Field of Vapor:

P.S. Random aliens or glowy bouncy balls with any purchase over $10 until they’re gone!